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Summer 2012 coming up fast!

I can hardly contain my excitement as we start to gear up for Summer 2012! Last summer so much magic happened that we can’t wait to repeat it again.  We had so much positive response last year and so many people talking about this summer that the enthusiasm is contagious.  As staff we had a wind-down party the Friday of the last camp last summer and laughed and brought back sooooo many great memories: the great kids, the fun times, the language improvement, just the magic in general.  We were so happy we didn’t even want to “say good-by” to each other.  The same happened with the kids and it was beautiful to see. We had campers  from Raleigh, and even Virginia  in addition to the kids from around here in Chapel Hill and Durham.  This year we have already received inquiries from as far away as Texas, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina and Georgia!!!

I tell my middle school Spanish students that we “throw the book out the window”  is sort of the philosophy.  It is wonderful if they have the classroom background but they don’t have to. We had students who had NO Spanish and some who had several years and all benefit immensely from being in activities sunup to sundown in the language.  Our counselor to camper ratio is so good  – 1 counselor to 4/5 campers – that they have a lot of opportunity to use the language in all the activities.

Our daily schedule includes 2-3 conversation activities lasting 45 minutes each, song, dance, food preparation, meals together, sports, swimming and more – all while completely immersed in Spanish.  Again, the magic was amazing.  We can’t wait for Summer 2012!!!!!  SIGN UP NOW AND BE PART OF THE EXPERIENCE!