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Spanish Immersion In Chapel Hill, Durham and Chatham!

At Immersion Island we offer the opportunity for children from the ages of 7 to 18 to immerse themselves in Spanish or French while having all the fun of a summer camp in day, overnight and “hybrid”  camps.   Adults too can enjoy Spanish immersion weekends in the relaxing and rustic setting of New Hope Camp.  The schedule of all of these upcoming opportunities can be found here on our website.  Thankfully, due to the wealth of information on the Internet, there is no excuse for not immersing ourselves daily in other languages and culture.  We can tune into songs, watch a telenovela, movies or dramas, chat live (and with video) with native speakers around the world, we can virtually visit cities and museums from the luxury of our living rooms, take online courses and much more!  And to immerse yourself live In our area of Chapel Hill, Durham, Chatham, Orange and surrounding areas there are also many possibilities!

One really cool immersion opportunity for high school students and adults is  ISLA , a local nonprofit which is a Saturday school for native Spanish speakers helping to close the achievement gap.  At ISLA there are volunteer opportunities that allow you to work weekly with wonderful local Hispanic families looking to improve the lives of their children and families in this program which offers Spanish literacy, culture, science and art at no cost to families.  The parents too take English and technology classes and spend time together keeping their artisan traditions alive.  This is a perfect place to use your Spanish while getting to know and helping local families.  You can contact jenice at laislaschool.org  for more information on volunteer opportunities.

We hope to see you at Immersion Island and / or ISLA!