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A typical day at day camp is as follows.   (Overnight camp notes in parenthesis)

* Warm up/ arrival activities (Overnight camp breakfast)

* Daily cultural presentation. Country and  themes of day, etc.

* Conversation activities including groups, role play, and more

* Arts and crafts representing authentic crafts of the language’s country(ies)

*Snack – authentic foods from the country of the week or day.

* Outdoor  games including daily vocabulary/themes  and sports


*Lunch at typical “Latin” time in Spanish camp (2 p.m.!)  We sit down and have formal meals together with a lot of converstion as if at “Tia Juana’s” house.

*15 minutes of English

*Siesta  / Rest and store time

*Song and Dance

* More conversation activities / role play, etc.

*Good-bye for day campers   (Outdoor games and sports for overnight camps)  

*More Conversation activities/games for overnight camps

*Dinner / Evening activity (game night, campfire night, movie night, dance party night!)

(We usually have very tired campers – to bed a 9 p.m.  Lights out 10 p.m. )