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June 27th Overnight Spanish Camp – Absolutely awesome!

Wow! The staff, the acampantes, the activities, Tia Ana’s food, I was absolutely wowed at how it all came together!  The improvement in the kids’ Spanish and effort at speaking it, their enthusiasm, openness to new friendships and experiences was indeed awe-inspiring. Four more camps to come this summer so I’m sure many more great experiences to come.  One mom  sent us the following email and we will share more soon:

I just wanted to tell you that Mimi had the most wonderful experience at the Immersion Island camp! This is the first overnight camp that I can honestly say she truly loved. She raved about the food, loved all the counselors, and feels really good about what she learned. She is already talking about next year. I highly recommend the camp to anyone looking for a fun and enriching experience. As an English-only speaker it is my hope that my children will at least master one other language and this was a great way to further that goal.

Here is a sampling of pictures from June 27th and the rest can be found at this link on Picasa