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Both M. and J.  had a great time last week at your camp.  M. felt much more confident with her Spanish skills by the end of the week and J seemed to overcome his hesitation in using Spanish.  They loved the staff there and met some nice friends at camp.  We feel lucky to have discovered your program online and it makes them excited about the next immersion experience!  Gracias!!


My daughter loved her experience at La Isla and has been singing “Soy una pelota de pin pon” and “Cielito Lindo”  throughout the house since camp ended. She wants to return next year after she’s had her first year of Spanish in middle school.


I loved camp. I learned a lot of new stuff and I still sing “Soy pelota de ping pong” all the time! I want to come back next year.


Thank you for creating such a warm, safe, and comfortable learning environment.  The culture and language instruction blended beautifully.  The food, songs and dances enhanced the students’ immersion experience.  This was the best camp ever!!


Our kids came back exhausted and fullfilled. They had a tremendously good time, met some great friends and enjoyed most every miniute of their experience. They have come back singing some songs in Spanish and saying some phrases – and seem overall a little more comfortable building the Spanish language into their everyday lives which was the whole point of camp!   An overall very worth while exercise and we will return!  Thank you for your efforts.


“Our child had a very positive experience at Immersion Island. The combination of activities, the food, and the friendliness of staff was awesome! Thank you! I would recommend your camp!” 

My son  came away from Spanish camp with a huge smile on his face and and the ability to form full sentences in the Spanish language. Friday afternoon I felt I was picking him up from a different country rather than locally.  I have never seen him dancing and was so happy to see him participating in different Spanish dances prepared for the parents to watch on Friday afternoon.  He is shy and this camp helped to bring him ‘out of his shell.’  Thanks, Ms. deLima, for your love of the language, the Spanish countries and all that great Spanish candy and homemade items!


Immersion Island was one of the best parts of my summer! It was a great mix of fun and learning and all of the people there were great. Immersion Island not only helped me with my Spanish communication skills but it also taught me a lot about different cultures around the world. My favorite parts where the food and the dancing because they really showed the lifestyle of the place we were studying and I think that is just as important as learning how to speak Spanish. I would recommend Immersion Island to anyone who wishes to travel around the world and also learn Spanish!


Keep up the great work. We’ve already recommended it to several families.


Immersion Island was a great camp where I was able to live a week speaking solely Spanish.


I just wanted to tell you that M.  had the most wonderful experience at the Immersion Island camp! This is the first overnight camp that I can honestly say she truly loved. She raved about the food, loved all the counselors, and feels really good about what she learned. She is already talking about next year. I highly recommend the camp to anyone looking for a fun and enriching experience. As an English-only speaker it is my hope that my children will at least master one other language and this was a great way to further that goal.


The ratio of counselor to camper was fabulous.  It really ensured that the campers absorbed as much Spanish as possible during the week.


I thought that Immersion Island was really fun and I definitely want to go back again! We played lots of fun games and I really liked how we went to the pool every day. Plus the food was the best. Haha way better than I get at home 😉 Can’t wait to go back to the funnest educational camp ever!


“F.  really LOVED Immersion Island!!!!   It really helped her learn how to speak Spanish and she had a ball with all the activities.  Thanks sooooo much!


Speaking Spanish all the time helped improve my child’s spoken Spanish.   I think the camp made learning fun.

We’ll be back again!