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Camper Spotlights!

Every Friday of every week of camps we hear so many wonderful comments from happy campers and parents.  We have many campers who return year after year.  Here we would like to let you get to know some of them and the reasons why they love Immersion Island so much.

Last summer was Lucas’ first time at Immersion Island. Lucas was studying Spanish One in middle school. His parents included travel and Immersion Island in Lucas’ summer opportunities to grow and enrich his Spanish skills. “Lucas immediately fell in love with the energy of the wonderful counselors and the activities that they did to keep the kids engaged during the day. I was amazed at how much Lucas learned after just a week of being at Immersion Island,” said his parents.

Ava has been in a dual language Spanish immersion program since Kindergarten, is now a rising 5th grader and has been coming to Immersion Island for several years.  One time her mother quoted Ava having said “now back to the camp where we REALLY speak Spanish all the time!”  We pride ourselves in providing a true immersion environment where each camper is encouraged to grow their speaking and comprehension skills from where they are.  Even students from school immersion programs need to improve these skills and we see a marked improvement after they spend time with us.

Rachel also attended a bilingual school all through elementary school and now-we can hardly believe-is a rising 7th grader! Mom says, “Rachel loves your camp. She is a bit of a home body and yours is the only camp she is excited to do. She loves the community of the camp where campers treat each other as cousins and the counselors as beloved Aunts and Uncles.” Our campers, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced spend their days at Immersion Island happy and are sad to leave on Friday.   Our counselor to camper ratio is approximately 1 to every 4 campers so we are able to challenge each at her own level and help them to feel comfortable and have fun while doing so!

We offer two weeks of  Spanish immersion opportunities for high school students and while some think at first, “What? Spanish camp?”,  if they have any doubt, we hook them within minutes.  By the end of the week they leave with a new love of the language and culture and many new friends who feel the same way!

Joe is a rising junior and has studied Spanish at school for several years and has come to Immersion Island for two years and couldn’t say enough about his experience: “When I think of Immersion Island so many positive memories come to mind. This camp is one of the many things that I look forward to for numerous reasons. Everything about it just makes me happy to be there.

First of all, Immersion Island is a great opportunity to meet lots of new people who feel basically like a second family. The people I have met over the years of this camp have made me a better person I am so happy to call them my friends. Literally everyone that I met at the camp was awesome. Even now I still hang out and talk to a lot of the people I met at camp.

Another thing that I love about this camp is the food. All of the food is so amazing. I remember one year where each day was themed as a different country and we had different traditional food dishes from each country. I couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t remember a single meal that I did not love.

The counselors are out of this world. I had such a strong bond with them and I loved to spend time and talk with them everyday. I became close friends with them and they all just made my experience so much more enjoyable. They all really care about every camper also. All these counselors are just another member of the huge family that we create at Immersion Island.

The activities that we do at the camp are also very fun. We go to the pool everyday, play capture the flag, have a bonfire, play this crazy fun game called gaga ball, play volleyball, and many more things. Lots of the activities incorporate Spanish within them. So everyday we are getting lots of practice speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. This camp is great summer Spanish practice.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this amazing camp filled with amazing people. I am really looking forward to spending another week in this camp and meeting so many more people.”

This year we have camps for grades 2-12 in Spanish and a week in French for grades 5-9! And Counselor in training opportunities for ages 15 and up with good language skills.  We look forward to seeing YOU at Immersion Island!